1. Ocean Song
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Ocean Song

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Ocean Song

Lets go to the ocean and we’ll see what happens
Throw it all down, let the breezes hit you
I know what you need (breathe in deep and we’ll start it all over again)
I sit on the sand bundled up in our blanket while you
Drink in the strength of the waves and the roar of the world
Take it all in
Take it all in
Take it all in

I’m here at the shore again feeling at war
As the tide comes rushing in
Turbulent waters feed turbulent feelings
As I look for which way to turn
Was it you or was it me that started this silent feud?
Will it resolve itself when the tide goes out?
Is it silly to feel this low?
The seagulls above me, the seals in blue water, the sand between my toes
All tell me “don’t worry” ‘cause life’s like the ocean
It always ebbs and it flows
And I’m sailing away from you and I’m
Sailing on in back to you

Sail away
Sail away

Let’s go to the ocean (here at the shore again)
And we’ll see what happens (which way to turn?)
I know what you need (don’t worry life ebbs and flows)
I sit on the sand (so warm between my toes)
The strength of the waves (water comes rushing in)
The roar of the world (life always ebbs and flows)
Take it all in
Take it all in
Take it all in